Overdose Awareness Day

Every August 31 is International Overdose Day – a day to recognize the impact of overdose in our communities and to remember those who have been lost.
With events and activities taking place around the world, it’s the perfect time to join the global effort to raise awareness of overdose.
Here are six ideas for how you can get involved and mark International Overdose Awareness Day:
1. Plan or attend an event.
2. Reflect and remember.
3. Take naloxone training.
Visit towardtheheart.com and take naloxone training online to learn how to identify and prevent an overdose.
4. Download resources and materials.
5. Be part of the conversation online.
6. Connect and have a courageous conversation.
International Overdose Awareness Day is an opportunity to talk about substance use and overdose awareness with your friends, family and loved ones. Maybe you or someone you know are experiencing challenges – now is the time to reach out. Get your friends together for a cup of tea or go for a walk with a family member. Connecting and talking with others can raise awareness and reduce the stigma that keeps substance use in the shadows, which increases the risk of overdose.
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