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We desire that every individual who comes to us will know that they are deeply valued; that they will discover a fresh opportunity for positive change and for new life; and that they will experience community, healing, and transformation. Belkin House provides a temporary home to those who are experiencing, or at risk of homelessness. Within our state-of-the-art purposed built facility, we house a diversity of individuals within a blend of residential programs.

For inquiries related to Residential Services contact us: administration@belkinhouse.ca


Our Shelter Mission Statement

“The Emergency Shelter exists to provide shelter, safety, and person-centred support to help clients achieve their goals and find stable housing.”

In partnership with BC Housing and Downtown Community Court, Belkin House offers temporary shelter for 84 adults (and children with their female guardian) in an alcohol and drug-free environment. The shelter is open year-round, provides 3 meals a day along with other supports, and is wheelchair accessible. In addition, Belkin House operates an Extreme Weather Response shelter from November 1 through March 31 in partnership with BC Housing and the City of Vancouver. To check shelter availability or to be added to the waitlist at Belkin House, visit us in person, or call the front desk at 604-681-3405. To check emergency shelter availability in general, call 2-1-1.

In Men’s shelter, there are 54 beds and in Women’s shelter, there are 29 beds. Limited shared rooms for women with children under the age of 13 years.

Additional general information:

Intake process starts by coming to Belkin House in-person

Emergency Shelter is offered year-round to men and women 19 years and older.

Men’s and Women’s shelter on respective floors.

Meals provided in our dining room. Special diets may be accommodated. Bagged lunch requests available.

Maximum stay is 30 days. Clients must return daily by 11:00pm to retain their bed.

Alcohol- and drug-free environment.

Wheelchair accessible.

In partnership with City of Vancouver, additional Extreme Weather shelter November 1 through March 31.


In partnership with CBSA, the CCMS is a risk-based community release program, whereby subsequent to a risk assessment, a CBSA officer or the Immigration Refugee Board (IRB) determines that an individual’s risk can be managed in community, resulting in a release from detention. CCMS is intended to promote detention avoidance or detention release for persons that remain compliant with the CBSA but who may lack a bondsperson, or who require social service support in addition to a bondsperson to mitigate risk upon release into the community. Belkin House is experienced in the delivery of community case management to individuals that pose some level of security risk to the public or risk to the integrity of CBSA’s immigration enforcement program.


In partnership with Corrections Services Canada, Belkin House provides up to 30 beds for male Federal offenders re-integrating into the community. High, medium, and low-risk offenders are provided assistance and guidance to negotiate the critical transition from confinement to the community in a caring and supportive environment. These supports may include basic necessities of food and shelter, employment services, education, and counselling services.


Active positive participation in a personal development program (PDP) is a fundamental requirement of supported housing residency at Belkin House.

Our three stage PDP Program was purposely designed as the “next step” for men and women seeking to break the cycles of poverty, despair and destructive patterns of living, and to progress forward towards positive, productive, self sufficient and independent living within the community.

Our Program is particularly beneficial as a continuum of support for men and women who have just completed a residential addiction treatment program. Program participants may also enter our PDP Program through the emergency shelter system, the correctional system, and through our community partner referrals.

With the aid and encouragement of one of our Counselors, program participants determine their own measurable and attainable personal development goals and begin working towards them within a safe and supported community environment.

Giving hope – the PDP Program equips program participants with the necessary and critical life, living and employment related skills and facilitates healing and transformation in the lives of the men and women who come to us for help.

Our personal development plan program provides supported housing to 77 men and 35 women.

A program fee is a requirement of the Personal Development Plan (PDP) Program.

To inquire about the PDP Program contact us: administration@belkinhouse.ca