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What is it?

It’s a proactive approach to the tragedy of poverty and homelessness.

It’s practical assistance and mentoring.

It’s equipping a soul for success.

It’s healing wounds.

It’s support and encouragement.

It’s loving our neighbour.

Five pillars of the Personal Development Program

1. Building Healthy Community

2. Imparting Tools for Living

3. Forming A Spiritual Foundation

4. Offering Support Services

5. Preparing For Employment & Worker Training


Active positive participation in a personal development program (PDP) is a fundamental requirement of supported housing residency at Belkin House.

Our three stage PDP Program was purposely designed as the “next step” for men and women seeking to break the cycles of poverty, despair and destructive patterns of living, and to progress forward towards positive, productive, self sufficient and independent living within the community.

Our Program is particularly beneficial as a continuum of support for men and women who have just completed a residential addiction treatment program. Program participants may also enter our PDP Program through the emergency shelter system, the correctional system, and through our community partner referrals.

With the aid and encouragement of one of our Counselors, program participants determine their own measurable and attainable personal development goals and begin working towards them within a safe and supported community environment.

Giving hope – the PDP Program equips program participants with the necessary and critical life, living and employment related skills and facilitates healing and transformation in the lives of the men and women who come to us for help.

Our personal development plan program provides supported housing to 77 men and 35 women.

A program fee is a requirement of the Personal Development Plan (PDP) Program.

To inquire about the PDP Program contact us: