The Open Door 2021

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You are cordially invited to The 2021 Women’s Camp Alternative is The Open Door – A free Virtual Event that will consist of a series of video recordings (1 worship, 7 workshops and 1 main session) that will be available to view starting 9:00am on Saturday, June 5, 2021. Registration required.

Can’t attend this event?  Don’t worry! Belkin House will be hosting one as well on Friday, June 11!  Check the Belkin House events calendar for more info!

About this event

Women in The Salvation Army annually travel from all points of the province to our camp in Gibsons the first weekend in June. With COVID-19 restrictions this is not possible therefore we are hosting a virtual event with limitless space. We hope you will register and invite others to join you. We have chosen to call this event The Open Door. Open doors are invitational, welcoming and lead to new places. This open door leads to enriching worship, informative workshops and an inspirational main session with Carolyn Arends.

When you register you will receive resources to help you engage with video recordings. You can choose to watch the recordings on your own, with friends and family in your bubble, or with a group of women here at Belkin House.  Please see a chaplain or caseworker for the latest information.

The worship: (30 minutes)

Begins with a welcome by Captain Fiona Kean, followed by two worship songs shared by Anne Ivany and Sarah Michel, followed by wonderful testimonies from Belkin House, concluding with a recording of Andrea Petkau singing “Build My Life.” A beautiful highlight from our 2019 BC Congress.

The seven workshops: (30 minutes each)

Based on an article and self-discovery quiz which can be downloaded from the resource link on The article explores seven Pathways to God.  The seven workshops led by BC women are: well done, unique in style and presentation, and contain response activities.

The main session: (60 minutes)

Led by our guest Carolyn Arends.  She will share her music, something of her personal story, her work with Renovare and a Bible message about Jesus, the path to abundant life.

To register for this amazing event or for event details:

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